Berry White Preroll

Berry White Preroll

Afghan Crack

Afcrack is a cannabis “speedball” of sorts. This strain incorporates Afgoo and Green Crack, polar opposites on the spectrum of indica and sativa varieties, to create a pseudo-sedative experience that rests in the muscles while invigorating the heart and mind. With spicy earth notes that indicate its Afghani heritage, this hybrid’s effects are situation-specific and will offer energy or sedation depending on the consumer’s level of activity.

Rosin Rolls w/ Kief - Full Dip

Sativa house blend flower infused with Cannabis Oil and Rolled in Kief

9lb Hammer Preroll

9lb Hammer Preroll

Lemon Cookie Prerolls

Made with our own delicious Lemon Cookies Flower. Comes with crutch

Blue Dream PreRoll

Berry White Pre-Roll

Dairy Queen Preroll

Dairy Queen PreRoll